I started my career assembling CNC laser cutting machines along with servicing them across the country. I quickly progressed into a role as production manager, followed by Electrical Engineering and Project Management. Along the way, I recognized business inefficiencies and waste and worked to correct those from my position with great success.

My 12 years of constant career growth took me from a position of building machines to designing and managing projects worth millions of dollars, often multiple multi-million dollar projects at once. These multi-million dollar machines were complex, often with thousands of I/O points and a dozen or more computers and drives. These systems were installed and commissioned both domestically and internationally, and I participated in the site surveys and onsite project installation management of most of the machines.

In 2011, I founded my own 501(c)(4) non-profit and I have been running it since. The growth has been tremendous and it continues to this day. This experience has demonstrated to me the great adventure it is to run a non-profit organization and how rewarding it can be. It is my wish to share my passion and my skillset with your organization.

My years of experience in key positions in for profit institutions and at the helm of my own not for profit organization as well, provides me with the unique experience to take charge and hit the ground running with minimal time for ‘learning curve’ adjustments. My broad skillset and high general aptitude ensures that I can overcome any challenge, however technical put in front of me and lead people over or through any technical dilemma or challenge.

Richard Burgess

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Initiative
  • Multitasking
  • Low Voltage Drives
  • MCCs
  • PLC Controls
  • Panel Layouts
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Installations
Work Experience
  • Connecticut Carry, Inc
    DEC 2011 - PRESENT

    Connecticut Carry, Inc is a 501(c)(4) social welfare non-profit that I founded and I run. As a non-profit dedicated to civil rights revolving around educating residents of Connecticut about self defense and the laws surrounding self defense, Connecticut Carry has experienced excellent growth and success.

    Under my leadership, and with a great board of directors, we have filled the information chasm that once existed in Connecticut about these topics with a high volume of content. This content ranges from written materials like press releases, newsletters and publications and audio and video presentations to live events and seminars.

    I pride myself and my organization as being the most open and transparent organization of its type in Connecticut and possibly beyond. I strongly believe in a high level of transparency and honesty in what I do, particularly with money that is not my own.

    Connecticut Carry is getting ready to enter its third year of pure growth under my leadership that includes increased marketing and merchandise to keep revenue up, but also with a large focus on educational content that should be record breaking for this field in Connecticut.

    • Provides strong leadership.
    • Responsible for creating and delivering proposals, reports and projections to the Board of Directors.
    • Manages all accounting including accounts receivable and accounts payable.
    • Responsible for all marketing activities.
  • I2S, LLC
    APR 2005 - AUG 2013

    As a Senior Electrical Project Engineer, my job involved designing the electrical systems of huge industrial hot and cold rolling mills and their integrated control systems. This design work included drive integration of motors ranging from 1 horsepower to thousands of horsepower, PLC controls, networked computer systems, SCADA systems and the installation planning and execution of those projects.

    Extensive use of Autocad, Microsoft Excel and ERP systems was part of my job, as was extensive engineering coordination with vendors, customers, sub contractors and fellow engineers as well as the factory floor.

    • In charge of large and small projects involving large industrial cold rolling mills.
    • Designed and purchased components that cost millions of dollars.
    • Designed machines that have I/O counts upwards of 2000 points.
    • Designed Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB and GE control systems.
    • I was in charge of projects from sales quoting to final commissioning.
    • Designed systems containing multiple computers communicating in simple or complex network arrangements, and interacting with PLCs and HMIs.
    • Heavily involved in the research and development of new products.
    • Assisted in the design of our flagship gamma gauge product which employs gamma rays to accurately measure the thickness of the metal our mill is rolling.
    • Designed and wrote the Windows software to manage network communication between devices.
    • Traveled throughout the world for short or long periods of time where I was trusted to be independent and to make critical business decisions on my own.
    • Worked internally to streamline business processes with respect to our ERP and job costing systems. (Continuous Improvement)
    • Automated repetitive tasks and streamlined processes that have saved the company many thousands of dollars.
  • Bausch and Stroebel
    AUG 2003 - APR 2005

    I started at Bausch and Stroebel as a 'Junior Electrical Engineer', but quickly advanced as my experience and talents were recognized. Quickly became the Lead Electrical Project Engineer in charge of designing all of the electrical systems on the pharmaceutical packaging machines we built.

    In this role, I quickly saw that we were losing a lot of time on relatively mundane and inefficient processes. Through changes in and to personnel, tools and custom software that I developed, I took the intitiative to streamline the design process from the ground up.

    As I streamlined the engineering process and cut an average machine's design time in half or more, a large part of my job became managing the many projects that we were juggling at once. This was no major issue for me since I tend to be very organized and I am a natural multitasker.

    I once again took the intiative to streamline and organize the project management realm through the use of custom software and by reorganizing personnel to handle processes in a more efficient manner. This once again resulted in substantial gains, drastically reducing our build times and inventory overhead as well as inventory losses.

    • In charge of the electrical engineering department designing and building high end machines for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
    • Organized and streamlined the electrical assembly and design of the machines we built by writing and designing the software for an ERP system from scratch with ASP.NET and C#.
    • Designed a system to integrate purchasing, engineering and sales as well as the rest of the company, which resulted in lead times for machines being cut in half and tremendous productivity gains.
    • Developed applications for the Siemens PLC and HMI which has vastly increased the functionality of the machinery we built, allowing us to offer more and better products.
    • Streamlined the control programming process by integrating our control programming packages with our electrical design system.
  • Lasercut, Inc
    JUN 2000 - AUG 2003

    I was hired on with Lasercut with little or no experience in the field. The position I was hired for was 'Field Service Engineer'. I started by assisting in building their CNC laser cutting machinery on the production floor, performing both mechanical and electrical work.

    I quickly progressed and after a short supervised period of field service and installations, I was travelling all over the country servicing and installing the machines.

    After a company buyout, I was once again tethered to the home base, this time to supervise and train others in the construction of our machinery. With this role, I was now in charge of production schedules, maintaining inventory levels, quality control and keeping track of human resources as well.

    • Became the leader of a production team which produced industrial laser cutting machines ranging in cost from 300,000 dollars to 600,000 dollars.
    • Was in charge of the entire assembly process, which included painting, fabricating, machining, assembly, machine wiring, control wiring, production scheduling, coordination of various departments (including engineering and purchasing) to meet production deadlines.
    • Involved with testing, operating, as well as troubleshooting these systems.
    • Responsible for servicing and installing machines which involved travel throughout the US and Canada.
Employment Timeline
  • Connecticut Carry, Inc
  • I2S, LLC
  • Bausch and Stroebel
  • Lasercut
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